EM Magazine - November 2022 - Beyond Beauty - Siara Conley EM'S BEYOND Beauty Magazine is filled with beauty columns, editorials, stunning glamour make up spreads with hand selected and paid by Publisher Arlene Roberts. This issue is packed with beauty looks by MUA Brianna Harbin! The vibrancy that no one has been able to beat, with guest MUA Models Destiny

EM Magazine Brings fall 2021 Date Night Beauty Looks! Featuring Make Up Art by Brahja Skye! Model, and Make Up artist! This issue showcasing all beauty looks by MUA Brahja Skye! We are excited to share that our Center Spread features a fun interview of Brahja Sky by EM Executive Journalist Jessica Smith. Brahja shows off playful pinks with Cover

EM Magazine EMpowering Beauty 2021! Congratulations to Cover Model Sarah Marshall. Featuring BEAUTIFUL All Vegan, Clean beauty products sponsored by Sincere Beauty Cosmetics by Milli Hall. Check out her Center Spread! This issue showcases MUA's Milli Caldwelll, Krystle Dyke, Sarah Marshall, and Cha Montenegro-Sloan with Top 2021 stunning glamour Beauty Looks on beautiful models: Alleah Johnson, Caitlin Cook, Jade Alexandria, Kinsley

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