EM Magazine – November 2021 – 50th Issue – Hard Case Crime

EM Magazine – November 2021 – 50th Issue – Hard Case Crime

EM Magazine Celebrates our 50th Issue as we begin our 4th year publishing EM Magazine with Epic style! Publisher and EM Modeling Agency Founder Arlene Roberts reaches out to award-winning author, editor, and fellow publisher Charles Ardai! Arlene greatly admires Charles for many of his professional talents and skills, as well as his astute business intellect. Many of our readers and followers know, Arlene Roberts has been fighting stage 4 cancer for 5 years. Arlene shares, “I chose Charles Ardai to collaborate on our biggest issue yet, for the simple reason that my hubby and I have to deal with Cancer 24/7. But when we sit back in the evenings, turn off all the electronics, put our 10-year-old son to bed for the night, and turn up the heat with some thrilling novels published by Hard Case Crime, we escape “The Big C” through “HCC”. Thank you Charles Ardai, and thank you to all of the outstanding authors, and artists within the Hard Case Crime Family!”

Cover Model Pearls Daily
Photography By Theik Smith
Author Christa Faust
Photography by: Jim Ferreira, Markus Cuff Photography, and Charles Torrealba Photography
Publisher, Author, Editor, and photographer Charles Ardai
Photography by: Melanie King, and Jonny Porkpie
Illustrator and Author, Cynthia Von Buhler
Photography by Maxine Nienow



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