EM Magazine – February 2022 – Stupid Cupid

EM Magazine – February 2022 – Stupid Cupid

EM MAGAZINE TEAM consisting of, Sarah Johsnon, Sierra Medgard, Brett Ashworth, and Joey Steadman, with MUA Professional and EM MUA Executive Director Taylor Natasha, with EM Models Yesenia Chaote, and Mason Thornhill, came together to express feelings of valentines through their art and passion of storytelling through makeup SFX and photography!

“Basically we put this issue together not only to surprise our publisher Arlene Roberts with a fun TFP photo shot with our infamous storytelling within our artwork but also to captivate our loving supportive fans, “that we believe we all should show love every day and not just one day a year. We also wanted to show that it’s ok to be alone and love yourself more”



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