EM Magazine’s Beauty division brings you 2022 Exotic Beauty! These innovative beauty looks were created by our network of Make-Up Artists (MUA) showing off their skills, and sharing editorials on how to get their looks! Plus Executive Journalist Jessia Smith interviews stunning model Victoria Rose! EM Magazine IG: emmagazine.us Executive Master Magazine Photographer Joey Steadman / IG: tripthelightimagery MODELS IN

EM Magazine's Beauty Pop Cover Model Katy Jay, lavishes us with her stunning recreations of Lady Gagas iconic makeup and beauty creations. Katy Jay shares in her interview with us, her passion for beauty, makeup art, and her admiration for Lady Gaga's devotion to the arts. We have invited Photographer David Hobbs back, with outstanding model MISSTERIEUX, who constantly

KSFINEARTS Magazine By Kalina Schneider and Kelly Schneider published by Arlene Roberts, is dedicated to publishing issues featuring top talents around the world from the Kelly and Kalina Schneider Fine Art Workshops and photoshoot events. Working alongside World renewed fashion designers, top industry Make up and Hair Artists. Filled with, Interviews, fine art photography workshop editorials, and model Muse center

Nude Burlesque is a passion of Burlesque Entertainer Pearls Daily! Among many of her award-winning titles in her career, she is among some of the rare, and internationally renowned burlesque entertainers of our time! Dedicated to the traditional comedy style, and newly adapted cultural strip tease storytelling while on stage, Pearls Daily is a RARE star indeed! (yes the

EM Magazine - December 2021 - Water Goddesses - David Hobbs Issue This beautiful issue features exclusive work by renowned photographer, David Hobbs. All models are within his network, and guest Models of this gorgeous EM Magazine's Glamour Issue, "Water Goddesses". IN THIS ISSUE: This issue is filled with his water bed sets, starring models: COVER MODEL - MIISTERIEUX VICTORIA DE BELLA MADI KKOHT JESSICA RECHTMAN BRITTANY

EM Magazine Celebrates our 50th Issue as we begin our 4th year publishing EM Magazine with Epic style! Publisher and EM Modeling Agency Founder Arlene Roberts reaches out to award-winning author, editor, and fellow publisher Charles Ardai! Arlene greatly admires Charles for many of his professional talents and skills, as well as his astute business intellect. Many of our readers

EM Magazine - November 2021 - Pin-Up At 1087 Every year EM Models host a fun Pin Up event, and this year, we got to hold it at the rockin 1087 Studios in Nashville Tennessee! Talents signed up, and came out to Glens Studio, meeting Director Sierra Medgard, and started making friends with one another! Having a blast photographing, and mix-matching,

EM Magazine - November 2021 - Drop Dead Glamorous EM Magazine network brings you an SFX event with Taylor Natasha, and sexy Drop Dead event, plus Pin-Up Dead Girl Event all in one mega issue all exclusively by Joey Steadman Photography!!! Check out the amazing sets, and team work by a half a dozen make up artists, in this outstanding sexy

EM Magazine's Beauty division brings you stunning 2021 innovative beauty looks created by our network of Make-Up Artists (MUA) showing off their skills, and sharing editorials on how to get their looks! Plus Executive Journalist Jessia Smith gets an all-exclusive sit down the EM Modeling Agency Director Sarah Johnson! Find out how she gained not only the position all

EM Magazine - October 2021 - Halloween Special - Exclusive Sarah Bee Photography EM Magazine celebrates a fun creepy Halloween issue with exclusive content by In House photographer Sarah Bee! The EM Magazine Team is excited and rooting for Sarah Bee, to win our upcoming EM Magazine Photographer Of The Year 2022 Title, and EM Magazine Photographer Position! Every Year,

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